God didn’t send us here to feel overwhelm about wellness.

He gave us the tools and resources to thrive in this life.

and you are living in the exact body that will give you all the answers.

You are inundated with messages about health and wellness everywhere you go. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is and isn’t a trustworthy source. When was the last time you trusted yourself and felt truly in tune with your own body? I’m here to help you find Body Trust, by utilizing your mind, body, and spirit to truly make the best decision for you and your lifestyle. Learn how to understand what an amazing vessel God gave you to live this life in.


Do Your Clothes Impact Your Body Image? So You Wanna Lose Weight?

Have you ever felt frustrated putting on a piece of clothing that you used to fit in? Try these tips and thought processes out the next time frustration around clothing happens!
  1. Do Your Clothes Impact Your Body Image?
  2. Unwanted Body Image Comments
  3. Fastest Way to Trust Yourself Around Food Again
  4. When Your Body and Your Passions Don't Match
  5. Don't Go Chasing Rattlesnakes

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When Your Body and Your Passion Don’t Line Up

Now more than ever we live in a world where people put more value on the way we look, rather than what we can do. If we don’t fit the mold, then somehow we aren’t worthy or capable of accomplishing the things that we are called to do. I’ve heard phrases used like, “never trust…

What Rattlesnakes are You Chasing?

I heard a story the other day about a man and a rattlesnake. The man was bit by the rattlesnake. He had two choices after being bit. The first was to chase after the rattlesnake, find it, and kill it. But how long would the chase take? Rattlesnakes are fast, and good at disguising themselves.…

Why using the phrase “Back at it” might fuel your yo-yo behavior

“Back at it” might seem like a harmless phrase, but like a lot of things that seem quite harmless in our world, they tend to be sneaky little things and when used frequently over time, they can become detrimental. I used to use this phrase all the time on Monday mornings as I would head…

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