hi there. i’m ellie.

First, I’m a wife.

Second, I’m a mom.

Third, I’m a woman who uses the Spirit as my guide to share things with others that I feel are most important.

I have worked in health and wellness for 10+ years. From being in the hospital setting, to then personal coaching, I’ve been able to really see what our bodies need, and don’t need, to live beautiful and fulfilling lives.

I’ve been active all of my life. I played collegiate soccer, and grew up in the mountains. If we weren’t skiing or playing in the sun on a Saturday, then what were we even doing? Naturally, I entered into an industry based on diet and exercise. I graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Science, and thought I had it all figured out. Things really came easy for me, and when my husband and I started our family, I was a natural mother.

Then social media decided to come in a screw it all up.

I would get online and see women talk about getting their body back after baby. I had never had any thought about the matter after my first two boys, but because of those messages, I thought something was wrong with me. All of a sudden I started to look for those things inside myself that ultimately weren’t there, but because so many others were doing it, or dealing with it, I must be too. So I joined the club and immersed myself in diet culture. I lost a bunch of weight that I didn’t need to, and became a weight loss coach.

For years I lived in a body and mind where small and petite were the only way to be noticed or achieve the things I thought I wanted. And what was worse, I was teaching women to think and do the same thing. Women would come to me in hopes that I would teach them how to lose weight, and then, send them on their way into a happy new life. Because we all thought that weight loss was the reason that happy life happened. What I have now realized is that I was actually teaching them to put good and bad labels on food, look at exercise as a way to lose weight, and never allow grace into their lives if they happened to misstep or had a major lifestyle change take place.

Thank goodness I had my own life changing moment happen when I lost my dearest grandfather at the end of 2019. It was then that I realized that happiness has nothing to do with your body size, what kind of exercise you do each day, or if you eat gluten, dairy, and soy free. What truly makes life happy is the people you surround yourself with, the moments where food is enjoyed, not dreaded, and when your body can move freely without pain and is able to till a garden when it needs to.

You see, I let social media take away my happy.

I let Hollywood take away my happy.

And now I’m on a mission to not let that happen to you too.